Published on 16 March 2021 at 21:28

Have you heard of PASSIVE racism? Everyone talks about racism but did you know that Racism can actually be passive? Passive racism is probably one of the most common and dangerous all because people pretend to care when they truly don't just care. Whether you are dark, brown, peach or pale skinned (white); you can practice some kind of passive racism.

Research has shown that the bodies of Black people are just the same as that of White people. For example if a Black person needed blood transfusion, it doesn't matter if a white person donates; as long as the blood group matches, it will help the person.


Racism causes harm to those who are on the receiving end. It hurts individuals, communities and our society. People are not born with racist ideas or attitudes; rather racism is something that is learnt.

Therefore in my opinion, i think positive communication and a change in our mindset will help us live peacefully in our society without any form of prejudice. It will also be passed down to the next generation making the world a better place.

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3 years ago

There has been a lot of discrimination several years ago, in 21ST century, unfortunately many people do not see the need to be United but rather continue to path the way discrimination, favouritism and nepotism. We need each other to survive. Let’s so NO to Racism

3 years ago

Very true Manuel. United we stand; divided we fall. I hope the next generation will have a better mindset